Undisclosed Things About Ayurveda

Undisclosed Things About Ayurveda

Undisclosed Things About Ayurveda

Ayurveda a science of life is a complete medical system which includes over the diagnosis and prescriptions, medical expertise, even physical treatments, the responsibility of the therapist, Ayurveda is a traditional medicine tradition as meaning the distillate evolutionary experience. One of the most important values of man is his spirituality and Ayurveda uses everything from the principles of nature, her inner balance and its products to consider the individual as a whole mind body and spirit. Here, ayurvedic treatment in india plays a crucial role in bringing the best of curing the severe diseases from the root. There are several types of ayurveda massages offer by Saugandhika Spa under the expert team of massage therapists.

SIRODHARA – The most famous of Ayurvedic treatments. A trickle of lukewarm medicated oil, specific to the nervous system (Dhara Tailam), made particular gently at the center of the forehead. It works until the pituitary gland, brings out the old negative memories and encouraging the dissolution of rigidity and mental tension. Great as a cure for insomnia. Shines the senses. VATA ABYANGAM (massage with warm oils and medicated) according to VATA constitution. Full body massage to balance Vata disorders (nervous system); disorders related to stress, helps to relieve muscle tension promoting deep relaxation. A treatment will take about 60 minutes. PITA ABYANGAM (massage with medicated warm oil) according PITA constitution. Full body massage to balance digestive disorders, irritation and headache. Refreshing massage, calms the mind by promoting deep relaxation. KAPA ABYANGAM (massage with warm oils and medicated) according KAPA constitution. full body massage to balance the KAPA disorders such as adipose tissue and excess water retention. Drainage massage, dynamic, applying techniques of lymph drainage. Find out why…

5.NIRABYANGAM – “ANTI-CELLULITE” Treatment based on natural creams and powders. Is dissolved gently cellulite with KAPA Podiums with a particular handedness and heating, then drains with the help of the cream KAPA

6.SAUNDARIYAM – Beauty by ayurveda; How to keep fit body, mind and soul. You will learn to prepare a cream called sundari podiums (a mixture of various herbs) is applied on the face and whole body. It stimulates energy points.

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7. KAYASEKAM (treatment “royal”) – Swedish body massage 4 hands with hot medicated oils followed by sauna. It also applies to the care of the five senses. The manual fast and dynamic takes away the blocks, and the hidden tensions in depth, thus opening ‘the new way for the rejuvenation of tissues. After the sauna is given to drink a Eliser ambrosia. A profound and unforgettable experience.

8. ABHYANGA AYURVEDIC MASSAGE – Runs over the body with specific oils in relation to the constitution of the subject but also to the season, the climate, the specific disorders or with herbal powders and pastes. It is recommended daily. According to the classical texts of Ayurveda; this type of ayurveda in India prevents the aging process of the body, helps to overcome fatigue and gives strength to the body, strengthens and improves the system nervous, sight, sleep.

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