5 Reasons why people are knocking on the door of Ayurveda again

5 Reasons why people are knocking on the door of Ayurveda again

5 Reasons why people are knocking on the door of Ayurveda again

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word meaning the science of life. It first originated in the Vedic culture of India and has really stood the test of time. Being a 5,000 year old system, it’s still considered by many an effective solution to their health issues ranging from digestive issues to infertility. The primary purpose of Ayurveda has always been to safeguard the people from complicated surgeries, prescription drugs and suffering due to painful conditions and it is widely practiced effectively. Qmed Biotech based in Chandigarh, India is providing a Franchise of Ayurvedic Products and Medicine. Let us explain to our readers who are new to this concept of medicine, to serve this purpose, we have compiled a list of 5 reasons why people are knocking on the door of Ayurveda again, to create awareness about ancient medicine system which has lots of advantages over Allopathy:

  1. Healing with No Side Effects: Ayurveda products are all-natural that are made from plants, herbs and vegetables which is why they don’t carry any sort of side effects. Whereas in allopathy, the medicine are made from various chemicals which possess their own harmful side effects, they do treat the patient successfully but in return they might leave their side effects in to the patient’s system.
  2. Permanent Healing: Ayurveda healing can be a slow process when compared to allopathic techniques but the difference to consider is that Ayurveda directly heals the root cause of the disease and takes proper time to do it. While allopathic medicines concentrate on the symptoms and provide instant relief which leaves chances of the disease coming back after some time.
  3. Cost Effective: Being totally dependent upon natural products, Ayurvedic medicines are really cheap. Whereas Allopathy may involve a huge amount of money for various diseases. Even if the disease is as minor as influenza, the patient is charged heavily. Moreover, the medicines that are prepared for allopathy, contain expensive chemicals which increase the price of the medicine all together.
  4. All Natural Ingredients: Ayurvedic Products are safe from any form of synthetically generated material or chemicals. It’s all natural and very effective medicine system. While allopathic medicine are made from synthetic materials and chemicals, making them harmful and full of side effects.
  5. Eco-Friendly: Because all the Ayurvedic products are made up of organic and natural materials, they prove to be environment friendly and help save the forest from dangerous chemical pollution. Whereas Allopathic medicines are made in factories and with the use of various chemicals, making allopathy a big concern for the environment.

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