Medifung – Anti Fungal Cream

Medifung-Anti Fungal Cream

An Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine

Medifung - Anti Fungal Cream

Indication: Anti-bacterial & fungicidal. It is a very useful in dermatitis and superficial infections due to gram positive bacteria

Directions for use: Clean the effected part with lukewarm water or antiseptic lotion and clean with soft
piece of cloth and then apply Medifung ointment gently on the affected part.

Yashad Phool (Zinc oxide) 10% w/w
Sandoor (Red Oxide) 10% w/w
Ras karpoor 5% w/w
Karpoor (C.Zedoria) 5% w/w
Harital (Arsenic Trisulphate) 2% w/w
Neela Thotha (Copper Sulphate) 3% w/w
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