Eat-O-Pain 30ml – Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil


Eat-O-Pain 30ml – Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil


Eay-O-Pain an Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil for joint pains, inflammations, and stiffness in the body, frozen shoulders, neuralgia, and gout are ailments that seem to have become common names in everybody’s lives.


Eat-O-Pain – Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil

Joint pain is something that affects not just old people these days but also working people in their late thirties or forties. Stressful lifestyles have led to people neglecting their health and be victims of complications related to their joints too. About one-third of adults land up with these problems – sometimes, without even their getting to know at the right time. Knees, Shoulders, hips, ankles are the most common affected areas, but joint pains can happen in any part of the body. Gout is yet another problem leading to joint issues – essentially cause by too much uric acid in the blood. Neuralgia can lead to abrupt, shocking pains in the lower face and jaw although symptoms might appear near the nose, ears, eyes or lips too. People seek medication, physical therapy or other alternative treatments. The aim would be to reduce both the pain and the inflammation, ultimately seeking to protect and maintain joint functions. Allopathic drugs that are prescribed for these problems lead to several issues like heart attacks, stroke, or even other cardiovascular problems. Certain medicines cause liver damage too. Drowsiness and constipation are other side effects. We bring to you this exceptional oil made with purely natural ingredients from plants. Being a natural base oil it doesn’t have any side effects on the affected areas – in fact, can lead to fast relief from these pains without causing any other complication. Get it today to protect yourself from all these pains!


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